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Trainings listed here take place in the Maine region. Please note that both certified and non-certified trainers (who are willing to follow certain requirements of the Center for Nonviolent Communication) may be leading the posted trainings. Listing here is not an endorsement of the trainer or the event by the Maine NVC Network.

Special Opportunities:

January 26-28, 2018, Nobleboro, ME
Bringing Mindful Speech To Life
Seventh annual weekend of mindfulness with
Dharma Teacher Peggy Smith and Theodate Lawlor,
Members of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Tiep Hien Order

Online registration here.
After completing your registration, a screen will appear with payment options.
If you prefer not to use the online process, you can print and mail this form.
FMI: printable pdf / or email: peggy at / phone: 207-789-5299

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March 7-11, 2018, Belfast, ME
Returning by popular request!
Sarah Peyton, international author and teacher,
will be teaching in Maine for the third time, with a range of offerings.

  1. March 7-9: Transforming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): What Neuroscience & NVC Have to Offer
    FMI (printable pdf)
  2. The following options may be taken as add-ons following the above 3-day workshop.
    Also, Sexuality in the Brain may be taken as a stand-alone IF you have completed a 3-day workshop with Sarah Peyton at an earlier time.
    Family Constellations in Action may be taken as a stand-alone by anyone.
    • March 10: Sexuality in the Brain: Healthy Development & Trauma Recovery / FMI
    • March 11: Family Constellations in Action / FMI

Online Registration & Payment here. / Mail-in registration here. (printable pdf)
Online payment if you are already registered

Please Note:
The deadline for registration AND PAYMENT is FEBRUARY 23, 2018.

Also, there will be no refunds made after Feb. 23. If you find it necessary to cancel your registration BEFORE Feb. 23, your payment will be refunded minus a $20 handling fee. Thank you for your cooperation.

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The 2017-18 Integration Program began in September. The next series will begin in Sept. 2018. Details will be available soon.

In alignment with our vision to share & deepen NVC consciousness with as many people as possible, we are once again providing scholarships to some participants. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, please go HERE.

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Level 1/ Introductory Offerings

     This level is for the beginner, as well as those who have read books and seen tapes of the process and now want to have an experience trying it out with others. For a more detailed description of what is offered in a Level 1 please go here.

Contact the Maine NVC Network to schedule a Level 1 workshop in your area.

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Level 2/ Intermediate Trainings

For a description of what is offered in a Level 2 please go here.

Contact the Maine NVC Network to schedule a Level 2 workshop in your area.

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  • Monthly Empathy Circle:
    Belfast, ME

    Second Friday of each month, 10am-1pm (formerly first Friday)
    NEW LOCATION: 25 Village Rd, Belfast
    You are welcome to come when you can. If this is your first time coming, please contact Linda beforehand:
    Phone 207-322-2122 / email: chezcote5 at

  • Authentic Communication Groups
    Falmouth, ME

    with Andrea Ferrante, trainer and coach
    Two groups meet biweekly, one on alternate Wednesdays; the other on alternate Mondays.
    Authentic Communication Groups are coaching groups designed to open you up to an approach to living that offers greater peace, personal empowerment, and conscious connection to that which sustains and enriches life.
    pdf icon FMI

  • See also the Practice Groups page.

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