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Both certified and non-certified trainers are invited to list their NVC workshops & events on this site. Please see our listings guidelines.

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     Nonviolent Communication gives us skills to develop internal and external compassion and nonviolence as it helps us:
  • Develop honesty and empathy in our communication
  • Identify the ways of thinking and speaking that characterize the downward spiral into conflict and disconnection
  • Learn ways of thinking and speaking that lead towards connection, nourishment, and continuing growth in relationship
  • Recognize and value the needs behind all our actions, seeing them as gifts
  • Make requests that meet our need for love, and that invite the joy of giving
  • Engage in a healing process for transforming the pain of the past
  • Celebrate the beauty of what is alive in ourselves and in each other

Trainings listed here take place in the Maine region. Please note that both certified and non-certified trainers (who are willing to follow certain requirements of the Center for Nonviolent Communication) may be leading the posted trainings. Listing here is not an endorsement of the trainer or the event by the Maine NVC Network.

Special Opportunities

  • Monthly Empathy Circle
    Timing changed: NOW SECOND FRIDAY
    of each month, 10am-1pm (formerly first Friday)
    Open Communication office, 243 High Street, Belfast, ME
    You are welcome to come when you can. If this is your first time coming, please contact Linda beforehand:
    Phone 207-322-2122 / email

Level 1/ Introductory Offerings
     A Level 1 workshop typically begins Friday evening with an introductory talk which is free and open to the public. The workshop itself, on the following 2 days, creates a foundational understanding of NVC. Topics include:
  • historical background; key foundations and assumptions;
  • the 4 Steps: observation, feelings, needs, and requests;
  • empathy, the energy that allows the process to work.
This level is for the beginner, as well as those who have read books and seen tapes of the process and now want to have an experience trying it out with others.
Introductory NVC is also offered at various times as an evening course of several weeks duration.
  • There are no upcoming Level 1 trainings scheduled at this time.
    Contact the Maine NVC Network to schedule a Level 1 workshop in your area.

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Level 2/ Intermediate Trainings
     These workshops are for participants who have completed a Level 1 workshop and want more personalized practice integrating NVC skills into real life situations. These experiential workshops deepen our understanding and use of NVC in our everyday lives. A variety of empathy exercises and role-plays from the participantsí current life situations enrich this process.

2015-2016 Maine NVC Integration Program

  • Sept. 11-13
  • Oct. 23-25
  • Jan 15-17, 2016
  • March 11-13, 2016
  • May 20-22, 2016
Details and registration
Here's what some current and former participants have to say about the Integration Program:
  • "This Integration Program is definitely helping to solidify the work into my everyday life. I?m positive that I?m more peaceful, compassionate and loving as a result. I have so many new opportunities to laugh at myself and all those strategies that I?ve employed to get my needs met. I?m acutely aware of how inauthentic I?ve been as a means to protect what I thought was expected or required. I love how it so graciously allows a celebration of our humanity that is easily found in our universal feelings and needs." – Gail, from Portland
  • "The integration program has helped me gain a level of trust of others that I really didn?t have before which has allowed me to open up and be a far more authentic human being." – Alton, from Swanville
  • "I knew I needed the discipline and practice the Integration Program provides because my behaviors that didn?t serve me well were so long-standing and rigid. I need strengthening in my abilities to stay present and accepting during a flow of dialogue. I have been profoundly impacted and nourished by my participation!" – Arlene, from Topsham
  • "After the first workshop my partner saw the positive impact the Integrated Program had on my communication skills. That alone is well worth the price." – Noreen, from Bar Harbor
  • "I feel a wonderful sense of freedom with new awareness, and in many ways have transformed my thinking. Thank you, Peggy and Leah!" – Solange, from Falmouth

Contact the Maine NVC Network to schedule a Level 2 workshop in your area.

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Other Maine Events: Examples of Past Offerings
  • NVC Training Institute 7 day Intensive
    with Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, Wes Taylor, Towe Widstrand

  • Empathy Circle Weekend

  • Maine NVC Network Gathering
    Periodically, we plan a day of NVC fun and connection to build and strengthen our NVC community in Maine; to provide opportunities for NVC sharing, networking, and community building among all those in our area with an interest in practicing NVC and making it a part of our lives individually, in our families and in our communities.
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