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Both certified and non-certified trainers are invited to list their workshops & events on the Maine NVC Network website and Phases of the Moon monthly newsletter if they are willing to commit to the following:

  1. The workshops and events are NVC focused.
  2. The workshops or events take place in Maine or within 2 hours driving time from the Maine border.
  3. The trainers agree to comply with the criteria set forth by the Center For Nonviolent Communication for certified or non-certified trainers.
  4. The trainer or organizer pays any listings fee set by the Maine NVC Network in advance of the listing.

Submissions may be sent at any time. Please allow 2 weeks for the post to be listed.

Send all listing submissions to this email: betsy at

Please include the following information:

  • Date of Workshop or Event
  • Location
  • Title of Workshop or Event
  • one or two sentence description
  • name of trainer(s) and if certified by CNVC or not
  • Email address and/or phone number to contact for more information; or attach a PDF format document, no more than 2 pages, which supplies details, including contact info, and registration information