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Volume Five, Issue Eight: The Time of No Enemies

Our newsletter appears once a month around the time of the full moon. Our purpose is to contribute to the NVC learning of people who have taken at least an NVC Level 1 workshop, and help us stay connected as we endeavor to deepen a culture of peace within ourselves, our families and the world. We believe a Level 1 offers so many new ways of thinking that additional support for learning and integration could be helpful.

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The Time of No Enemies

" . . . to see violence as arising from context invites a different first reaction: rather than to find the one to blame, it is to seek understanding. What would it take for me to have made the same choice, were I in that person’s shoes? . . . The time of no enemies is coming, when we realize that we are all in this together and that each one of us is capable of any act." – Charles Eisenstein

thoughts and resources offered by Peggy Smith, CNVC certified NVC trainer

Marshall Rosenberg has always invited us to keep our eyes open to the realities of this world. NVC is a practical process to help us face the world with our eyes, minds and hearts open . . . grieving, mourning, celebrating . . . each in their time. As practitioners of NVC we commit to transforming our conditioned responses to be able to generate the energy of compassion. During times of pain, remember that NVC has practices to aid our transformation. Transforming Enemy Images is such an experience (link below). Take care of your physical and emotional well-being by committing to doing this exercise at least twice a week during this coming month. Set up an empathy session at least once a week to express what comes up for you while doing this exercise. This is a powerful way to support ourselves during these tragic times.

Suggested Resources:

  1. Transforming Enemy Images practice pdf icon
  2. Watch this video, free to view online: Beyond Right and Wrong
  3. Read Charles Eisenstein's essay, Restorative Response. While this essay was written in response to conflict in a different part of the world, what he has to say is equally applicable to the current conflict in the Middle East, or anywhere for that matter.

Peggy is currently at Seeds Of Peace International Camp, here in Maine. For those who are unfamiliar with it, this camp "provides a neutral, supportive setting for hundreds of young leaders from regions in conflict to meet their 'enemy' face-to-face. Here, they confront their prejudices and deep-seated fears and tackle the issues that fuel violence, hatred and oppression at home." (You can read more about the camp here.)

Upcoming Trainings

Trainings listed here are in the Maine region. If you wish to list an event, please follow our guidelines for submission. Please note that both certified and non-certified trainers, (who are willing to follow certain requirements of the Center for Nonviolent Communication), may be leading the posted trainings. Listing here does not imply endorsement by the Maine NVC Network of the trainer or the event.

Sept. 2014 – June 2015
Maine NVC Integration Program
NOTE: Registration
for the Integration Program
CLOSES on Aug. 18, 2014.

Opening My Heart – Opening Communication
An Intermediate NVC Experience
Enrollment Deadline August 18th!
Taught by Peggy Smith and Leah Boyd
pdf icon details and registration

Feedback from current participants:
"This is FAR more than I imagined."
"This is just what I was hoping for and more so!"
"The practices are so accessible and I am getting so many insights already."
"I am so grateful and looking forward to the home practice."


September 27-28, Lewiston, ME
Clear & Compassionate Communication

Taught by Leah Boyd / pdf icon details and registration


October 18-19, Bangor, ME
Building Sustainable & Vibrant Relationships

This is a fundraiser for Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
Taught by Peggy Smith / pdf icon details and registration


November 7-9, South Portland, ME
From Conflict to Connection: the basics of NVC

Taught by Peggy Smith / pdf icon details and registration


November 15-16, Lewiston, ME
Clear & Compassionate Communication for Professionals

Taught by Leah Boyd / pdf icon details and registration



Invitation to
Monthly Empathy Circle

No meeting in August of 2014. Resuming in Sept.
Meets first Friday of each month
at Open Communication office
243 High Street, Belfast, ME
You are welcome to come when you can. If this is your first time coming, please contact Linda beforehand:
Phone 322-2122 / email

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Portland Empathy & Compassion Community of ME
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Moving toward a world that works for all.
All levels welcome! You don't have to have any NVC experience to benefit or contribute. Please invite others!
Meets weekly, Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 pm
We will apply a particular NVC principle or skill to support us in something real in our lives at the moment.
Contact Cynthia Handlen: 207-671-1532 / email


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Open Communication

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