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Volume Five, Issue Seven:
What might we do when communication breaks down?

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What might we do when communication breaks down?

by Peggy Smith, CNVC certified NVC trainer

"HELP!! They won’t talk to me. What can I do?"

Recently on the CNVC trainer’s list-serve, a distress message came in. The list is a place for certified NVC trainers to reach out to each other. Sometimes we ask for help; sometimes we express celebrations; and often we share teaching tools with each other. It’s a way to connect with the global NVC trainer community.

The message that came in began:

"What do you do when you have a conflict and the other party would not talk directly and only communicates via email and then stops communicating? And then s/he stops communicating via email (one of the people in question actually wrote: "I am not interested in talking – unless you will now change what you are doing.")."

Within a few hours the following response arrived from Jeff Brown, of Columbus, Ohio.* I find Jeff’s understanding, practice and clarity of expression exquisite, and with his permission share it with you here.

What comes to me is that I remind myself that NVC is primarily about my inner world and not about external outcomes.

While I have found that living NVC consciousness often leads other people to be more open and collaborative with me, it's not always the case.

Plus, if my goal has anything to do with expecting other people to change their behavior, I am missing the mark about my own intention in living NVC.

The only thing that I can control is my own behavior and my own reactions, so therefore mostly I use NVC as way to get my inner world in alignment with my own values, and that this alone increases my well being.

Occasionally I use protective force if someone is doing something that is actively blocking me from my well being, but my experience has been that these cases are rare for me and that usually, I can become creative and dance around the person rather than confronting them directly.

So my answer to your question about what I would do in a situation like yours is:

Finally, I remember hearing Marshall say on many occasions that there is no such thing as "not communicating," so I empathically guess that someone who says, "I'm not talking to you any more unless you change your behavior!" is hurting very much and scared to death that they will lose something that is precious to them if they continue talking with you.

Plus, even if they remain silent for a long time – or even for the rest of their life – they are communicating very loudly and I can continue to be in empathy with that, if only silently and inside myself.

To me, Jeff gives a clear example of how NVC can guide us to a place of inner empowerment. . . a place where I am not a victim of others. . . where I can let my innate compassionate nature find its full clear voice. Let us all practice asking for help when we loose touch with that empowerment – and build the chorus of compassionate "voices" by what we do and what we say.

* Jeff Brown is the Executive Director of The Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio.

Peggy Smith is a Center For Nonviolent Communication certified trainer who lives in Lincolnville, ME. She shares NVC in public workshops, at a local correctional facility, and at a variety of Maine businesses. Her business, Open Communication, is located in Belfast, ME.

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