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Volume Three, Issue Nine: Transforming "Should" Thinking

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This month's theme is Transforming "Should" Thinking. Starting from our "shoulds," we can transform our thinking to support more inner peace and maybe even more peaceful responses to our outer reality, too.


Let's Transform the "Shoulds"

by Betsy Terrell

Years ago, I had a flash of insight that said the word (thought, concept) "should" is the seed of all violence. It was a watershed moment for me, a turning point, and for many months afterward, I simply observed the very many ways the word/idea "should" formed my thoughts, opinions, even feelings, about myself, other people, and the world around me. I began working to shift "should" to "could" and to be generally more internally accepting than resisting. Don't get me wrong: I still firmly held onto and exercised my inherent choices to participate, redirect or leave any scenario, internal or external. But I sought to be less judgmental and more open to seeing a bigger picture, maybe understanding how this person or situation got the way it was.

Then I came across NVC and dove into it full-force. The understanding of needs-based motivation, and feelings being the result of deeply held or strongly tweaked needs/values, resonated enormously for me and expanded where I could go with my previous insight about "should."

I came up with a simple (though not necessarily easy all the time) exercise, using the feelings and needs cards, which I like to call, "Let's transform the shoulds." It will probably take about 20-30 minutes to do, but I'm guessing it will be time that surprises you.

Here's how it works.


a black and yellow spider on a background of jewelweed foliage

Suggestions for Further Practice

  • To deepen your self-presence with the feelings and needs you've identified using the cards, try taking a large sheet of paper and doing some drawing, using whatever media appeal to you, without thinking, just letting color and form appear on the page.
  • For the next 24 hours, try replacing "should" with "could" in your thinking and in your speech and watch how it shifts your feelings. If it feels good, renew your self-request.
  • Schedule a session with an empathy buddy to receive empathic presence from another person, around one of your "shoulds."
  1. Take 5 minutes and write down every "should" and "have-to" that comes into your mind, ones you tell yourself, ones you hear others tell you or imagine that others are thinking about you, as well as ones you say about others (to yourself or out loud).
  2. Next, read through them and pick the one that has the most emotional charge for you. (You can go back later and do this process on each of them one by one, if you care to.)
  3. Read the one you picked over to yourself a couple of times, and then just write all your stream of consciousness thoughts that come up around this issue for about 5 minutes (or more) until you feel the "steam" subside.
  4. Now take the feelings cards, go through the deck, and pick out all the feelings cards that fit this situation for you, and lay them out in front of you.
  5. Then go through the needs cards and pick out all the needs cards that fit this situation. You can group them next to or near the feelings they relate to, or just lay them out by themselves.
  6. Spend a few minutes just reading these cards and giving presence to whatever comes up for you.
  7. Now look at the original statement you started with, the "should" statement. Invite yourself to make a statement of intent that starts with "I choose to. . .", related to this situation. You might be surprised what statement comes up at this point.

I am hoping that you may find, as I have, that periodically doing this transformation game, a shift will begin to seep into your everyday thinking and relating and result in more inner peacefulness, and more understanding of yourself and others.

Betsy Terrell lives in midcoast Maine, and practices transforming "shoulds" while helping raise two small children; the important word here is "practices."

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November 10, Bar Harbor, ME
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December 1-2, Falmouth, ME
Connecting Across Differences, an introduction to Nonviolent Communication

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January 19, 2013, Falmouth, ME
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Transformationa newly-hatched monarch butterfly hanging next to its empty chrysalis on a branch of a tree

It will not always feel good,
This growing.
This stretching beyond the boundaries of the known,
The comfortable.

It will not always feel safe,
This learning and relearning of your own abilities
This reexamining of beliefs
This pushing of envelopes
This breaking through enclosing walls.

You will shiver.

You will doubt.

You will want to run home.

Back behind walls of safety.

This walk to the edge will not
Feel good, safe, or comfortable,
But there is no faster way to learn.

There is no other way to grow.

So step out.
Leave your home base
Your comfort zone
Your cocoon

Acknowledge the fear and discomfort

But step out all the same.

With each step you take,
Your world expands
Your caterpillar mind will
Strain to comprehend the unbounded vastness of the sky.monarch butterfly on a flower in a field of yellow blossoms

Step out.

Step. . . step. . . step.

Unfurl your wings.


– Meg Goodmanson, Spirit Moves Dance


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