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Volume Eleven, Issue One: Fifth teaching visit to Maine by Sarah Peyton

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The Interface of Neurobiology and NVC

by Peggy Smith

My teaching of NVC has been enriched enormously by the knowledge and modeling of Sarah Peyton, (certified NVC trainer, self-directed neuroscience geek, author, Constellations trainer/facilitator, and all-around warm, generous human being.) It began in 2014. For several years I had heard that a trainer named Sarah knew a lot about neurobiology and how it interfaced with NVC. I was intrigued. But I was on full time mother-care and didn’t perceive that I had the time or money to travel to the west coast to study with her.

I called her about coming to Maine to do a three day workshop. I figured three days ought to give me all I needed from her. It took over a year to get into her schedule. Sarah arrived in November 2015 and I soon realized what she offered was so rich and deep – a different universe that offered profound insights into why and how NVC works.

Over the next three years I made six trips to Oregon for week-long workshops with Sarah. We have also been most fortunate to have Sarah teaching here in Maine every March since then. Sarah continues her own healing and learning journey, so what she offers year to year grows in depth and freshness. This year our focus will be on using neuroscience and NVC to address anxiety & depression. FMI

The core of Sarah’s work is Resonant Language. This is an extension of what we refer to in NVC circles as Empathy. Feelings and Needs guesses are the first of nine strategies for bringing Resonant Language alive. Her book, Your Resonant Self takes us step by step through both the science and practical strategies for bringing Resonance alive within us.

In her recent newsletter Sarah writes:

I’m guessing you’re familiar with the term, "loneliness epidemic," the research findings that show that folks in the western world are facing unprecedented levels of loneliness.

You don’t have to look far for evidence:

50% of Americans (about 160 million people) report they feel alone a lot of the time, the British government in 2017 appointed a Minister of Loneliness, and there is increasing pressure on governments and other institutions to address the detrimental health outcomes arising from isolation and loneliness.

When we hear loneliness, we think of the 81 year old widow who spends her birthday alone, or the outsider teenager who doesn’t have much connection with his parents or schoolmates.

But it’s not a lack of contact that is leading to a loneliness epidemic. Instead, pervasive loneliness is the sense that we are alone and unaccompanied even (or perhaps, especially) when we are with others.

So healing loneliness isn’t as simple as going out more often.

To truly work with loneliness we need to uncover what is blocking us, collectively, from being together in ways that help us feel seen, understood and belonging.

Sarah returns to Maine for a three-day workshop on anxiety and depression March 27-29, 2020, with an additional day on Constellations in Action, March 30. If you can’t make it in person, Sarah offers a variety of online offerings on her website.

The neuroscience that I have learned form Sarah has become a foundational part of my NVC Level 1 workshops. Through his own deep practice and observation, Marshall Rosenberg uncovered a powerful strategy for awakening the Resonance of the right hemisphere. While he didn’t have the benefit of neuroscience research, he led the way in building a practical life-changing way of thinking and speaking that impacts our loneliness, anxiety, depression and violence of all varieties. Now we have an opportunity to enrich and broaden our understanding and healing through Sarah’s teaching and example.

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1Based on the work of Sarah Peyton, used with permission.

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For a laugh:

I thought I’d share this experience with you as I learned a valuable lesson. I saw a short video from Sarah Peyton and decided to order her book. I was in a hurry and was using my phone and thought I did it correctly. Well, much to my surprise what came in the mail was a breakfast cereal called "Empathy Bran." While it tastes pretty good, I learned that NVC can also mean "New Vegetarian Cereal."

— Bob H., current participant in the Maine NVC Integration Program

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