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Volume Two, Issue Nine: Gratitude

Our newsletter appears once a month around the time of the new moon. Our purpose is to contribute to the NVC learning of people who have taken at least an NVC Level 1 workshop, and help us stay connected as we endeavor to deepen a culture of peace within ourselves, our families and the world. We believe a Level 1 offers so many new ways of thinking that additional support for learning and integration could be helpful.

We endeavor to make each edition informative, connecting, inspiring and fun. Please let us know how the newsletter might contribute to your NVC well-being.

This month's theme is Gratitude. In the feature we explore why it is important to include appreciations & gratitudes into our NVC expressions, and simple frames for nurturing these expressions.



Remembering Gratitude

by Peggy Smith, CNVC certified NVC trainer

When we learn Nonviolent Communication our focus is usually on our "ouchie" situations that we wish were different than they are. We come to experience that the four-step framework of NVC Observation, Feeling, Need, Request becomes an effective model for thinking about and expressing our thoughts about these "ouchies."

I noticed if I only used NVC to think about "problems," my own nervous system began associating NVC with problems and distress. As a result, when I would choose to look at a situation from an NVC lens my body would sometimes start feeling some low level of anxiety.

When I used NVC in conversations with others only when there was an "ouchie" situation to address, others in my life began to associate NVC with conflict or differences of opinions. This did not endear NVC to them. In fact, it sometimes seemed to create an aversion to NVC.

It is just as useful and important to use the OFNR framework to think and express celebrations and gratitude. By exploring all situations, whether I consider them challenging or positive or neutral, with the OFNR framework, my internal emotional state (as well as the state of others) is directly affected.

It is inspiring for me to periodically re-read Marshall Rosenberg’s (NVC founder) own words. The following excerpt comes from Speaking Peace In A World Of Conflict, (used with permission of the publisher, pages 166-168) and addresses this month’s theme of using NVC to express gratitude.

"In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy." - Albert Clarke

How do we express gratitude in NVC? First, the intent is all-important: to celebrate life, nothing else. We’re not trying to reward the other person. We want the other person to know how our life has been enriched by what they did. That’s our only intent. To make clear how our life has been enriched, we need to say three things to people, and praise and compliments don’t make these three things clear:

  • First, we want to make clear what the person did that we want to celebrate, what action on their part enriched our lives.
  • Second, we want to tell them how we feel about that, what feelings are alive in us as a result of what they’ve done.
  • Third, we want to tell them what needs of ours were met by their actions.

I hadn’t made this clear to a group of teachers I was dealing with. We ran out of time …. After the meeting one of the teachers ran up to me, and here’s how she expressed her gratitude to me. Her eyes were shining, and she said, "You’re brilliant."

I said to her, "That doesn’t help."

She said, "What!"

I said, "Telling me what I am doesn’t help. I have been called a lot of names in my life. Some positive and some far from positive, and I can’t ever recall learning anything of value by somebody telling me what I am. I don’t think anybody does. I think there’s zero information value in being told what you are. But from the look in your eyes, I can see you want to express gratitude."

Looking a bit bewildered, she said,"Yes."

"And I want to receive it. But telling me what I am doesn’t give it to me."

"Well," she said, "what do you want me to say?"

I said, "Remember what I said in the workshop …? I need to hear three things. First of all, what did I do that made life more wonderful for you?"

She thought for a moment and said, "You’re so intelligent."

"No," I said, "that’s still a diagnosis of me. It doesn’t really tell me what I did. I’d get more out of your feedback if I knew concretely what I did that really in some way enriched your life."

"Oh," she said, "I got you. I think I understand." She opened up her notebook and she pointed to two things she wrote there that had big stars by them. She said, "You said these two things."

I looked in her notebook. "Yes, that helps, just knowing that I in some way enriched your life. Second," I continued, "it would help me to know how you feel right now."

"Oh Marshall, I feel so relieved and hopeful."

"Ok. And now third, what need of yours was met by those two things?"

"Marshall, I’ve never been able to connect with my eighteen-year-old son. All we do is fight. I needed some concrete direction for connecting with him. These two things you said met that need of mine for some concrete direction."

I said, "Thank you for sticking with me and helping me see how I have contributed to you. It is so much more satisfying for me to know concretely what I did."

You can see, I’m sure, how different it was to hear those three things than to hear somebody tell me what I was. That’s how we express gratitude in Nonviolent Communication.

At first others may seem surprised by an expression that includes Observations, Feeling and Needs rather an evaluative praise. My experience is that after the initial surprise, a delight often arises. People enjoy hearing appreciations that are not linked to evaluations of who they are.


Further Practice

Peggy Smith is co-founder of the Maine NVC Network and founder/principal trainer with Open Communication.
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Oct. 29 & 30, Norway, ME, 9am-4pm each day

Deepening Open Communication
Sat., Oct. 29: Transforming Power Dynamics in Relationships
Sun., Oct. 30: The Art of NVC Dialogue
You may register for either or both of these days. Together they constitute a Level 2 training.
Taught by Peggy Smith, certified NVC trainer
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Poetry Corner

Langston Hughes

From Christ to Ghandi
Appears this truth-
St. Francis of Assisi
Proves it, too:
Goodness becomes grandeur
Surpassing might of kings.
Halos of kindness
Brighter shine
Than crowns of gold,
And brighter
Than rich diamonds
The simple dew
Of love.



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