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Volume Nine, Issue Two: Keeping Marshall Rosenberg's Work Alive

Our newsletter appears approximately once a month. Our purpose is to contribute to the NVC learning of people who have taken at least an NVC Level 1 workshop, and help us stay connected as we endeavor to deepen a culture of peace within ourselves, our families and the world. We believe a Level 1 offers so many new ways of thinking that additional support for learning and integration could be helpful.

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Keeping Marshall Rosenberg's Work Alive

by Rachel Lamb

Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NonViolent Communication, died on Feb 7, 2015. On the third anniversary of his death, we feature a powerful piece written by Rachelle Lamb about keeping his work alive.

"One of the things that stood out for me when visionary, teacher and author Marshall Rosenberg spoke was that he planted most of what he said within a larger socio-cultural context. Even when he engaged in role plays focusing on personal relationship challenges volunteered by audience members, one could recognize a broader landscape informing his responses. His concern was not solely with the interpersonal successes that people might experience by learning the NVC process but equally, and perhaps even more so, he was concerned with the questionable life serving merits of the systemic structures shaping and directing people’s lives. It was never left out." Read more here.

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Upcoming Trainings

Trainings listed here are in the Maine region. If you wish to list an event, please follow our guidelines for submission. Please note that both certified and non-certified trainers, (who are willing to follow certain requirements of the Center for Nonviolent Communication), may be leading the posted trainings. Listing here does not imply endorsement by the Maine NVC Network of the trainer or the event.

Special Opportunities:

March 7-11, 2018, Belfast, ME
Returning by popular request!
Sarah Peyton, international author and teacher,
will be teaching in Maine for the third time, with a range of offerings.

  1. March 7-9: Transforming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): What Neuroscience & NVC Have to Offer
    FMI (printable pdf)
  2. The following options may be taken as add-ons following the above 3-day workshop.
    Also, Sexuality in the Brain may be taken as a stand-alone IF you have completed a 3-day workshop with Sarah Peyton at an earlier time.
    Family Constellations in Action may be taken as a stand-alone by anyone.
    • March 10: Sexuality in the Brain: Healthy Development & Trauma Recovery / FMI
    • March 11: Family Constellations in Action / FMI

Online Registration & Payment here. / Mail-in registration here. (printable pdf)

Please Note:
The deadline for registration AND PAYMENT is FEBRUARY 23, 2018.

Also, there will be no refunds made after Feb. 23. If you find it necessary to cancel your registration BEFORE Feb. 23, your payment will be refunded minus a $20 handling fee. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Level 1:

March 23-24, 2018, Falmouth, ME
Deep Listening

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

April 7-8, Ellsworth, ME
WERU Fundraiser
: details
taught by Peggy Smith
Registration & payment
There will be no refunds after March 30.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

April 28-29, 2018, Lewiston, ME
Speaking Peace

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

May 5-6, White River Junction, VT
Life is Relationships – so why are they so difficult?
taught by Peggy Smith
Registration & payment

is now open for enrollment.

FMI & Registration


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  • Monthly Empathy Circle:
    Belfast, ME
    Second Friday of each month, 10am-1pm
    (formerly first Friday)
    25 Village Rd, Belfast
    You are welcome to come when you can.
    If this is your first time coming, please contact Linda beforehand:
    Phone 207-322-2122
    email: chezcote5 at

  • Authentic Communication Groups
    Falmouth, ME

    with Andrea Ferrante, trainer and coach
    Two groups meet biweekly, one on alternate Wednesdays; the other on alternate Mondays.
    Authentic Communication Groups are coaching groups designed to open you up to an approach to living that offers greater peace, personal empowerment, and conscious connection to that which sustains and enriches life.

  • See also the Practice Groups page.


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Some Things
by Penthea Burns

I gather an armload of firewood
Bearing this fuel from my front porch
To the wood stove in my living room
Well-seasoned poplar is nearly weightless
Oak, though, reminds me that
Some things take time

Crumpled sheets of the Portland paper
Small slivers of wood
Orange embers still alive from the night before
Conspire together
Produce flame and warmth
And wonder
Some things are quick to ignite

Wrapped in morning’s blanket of stillness
Rememberings arise
Keeping my company
Like the four dogs laying ’round my feet
Lazy, playful
Groaning along with the appeals from old wood
And longings in my heart
Some things are hard to let go

Hum of hungry flames
Dogs’ soft and steady breathing
Moon setting on tree lined horizon
Invite me to dream myself awake
Feet in loving companionship with earth
Heart in communion with universal need
And me?
Why, I am the seer
Observer of some things


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