Phases of the Moon, the newsletter of the Maine NVC Network
Volume Eight, Issue Six:
Keeping Communication Open While Disagreeing

Our newsletter appears approximately once a month. Our purpose is to contribute to the NVC learning of people who have taken at least an NVC Level 1 workshop, and help us stay connected as we endeavor to deepen a culture of peace within ourselves, our families and the world. We believe a Level 1 offers so many new ways of thinking that additional support for learning and integration could be helpful.

We endeavor to make each edition informative, connecting, inspiring and fun. Please let us know how the newsletter might contribute to your NVC well-being. Email: newsletter at

Feature: Keeping Communication Open While Disagreeing
a radio interview with Peggy Smith
The interview, on WERU, is in the second half of the program, starting at 31:00.


Special Announcements


Upcoming Trainings

Trainings listed here are in the Maine region. If you wish to list an event, please follow our guidelines for submission. Please note that both certified and non-certified trainers, (who are willing to follow certain requirements of the Center for Nonviolent Communication), may be leading the posted trainings. Listing here does not imply endorsement by the Maine NVC Network of the trainer or the event.

Registration is now OPEN for the 2017-18 program.

Program details and mail-in registration form
In alignment with our vision to share & deepen NVC consciousness with as many people as possible,
we are once again making a special offer to first-time participants in the 2017-2018 NVC Integration Program.
Special offer details & application form here


Level 1:

* August 11-12, Ellsworth, ME
Speaking Peace

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration: 207.667.4393 / email: office at

* Sept 16-17, Farmington, ME
Speaking Peace

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration


Level 2:

* Oct 28-29, Lewiston, ME
Speaking Peace at the Next Level

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration


Special Opportunity for Activists who want to strengthen their NonViolent Resilience:

Sept 29-30, Portland, ME
NVC & Activism

taught by Leah Boyd
FMI & Registration




  • Monthly Empathy Circle:
    Belfast, ME
    Second Friday of each month, 10am-1pm
    (formerly first Friday)
    NEW LOCATION: 25 Village Rd, Belfast
    You are welcome to come when you can.
    If this is your first time coming, please contact Linda beforehand:
    Phone 207-322-2122
    email: chezcote5 at

  • Authentic Communication Groups
    Falmouth, ME

    with Andrea Ferrante, trainer and coach
    Two groups meet biweekly, one on alternate Wednesdays; the other on alternate Mondays.
    Authentic Communication Groups are coaching groups designed to open you up to an approach to living that offers greater peace, personal empowerment, and conscious connection to that which sustains and enriches life.

  • See also the Practice Groups page.


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Paid Announcements

Clarity Services, LLC
Now Accepting Clients

Helping groups of people think together collaboratively and effectively. Free 30 minute initial consultation:
email: leah at


Open Communication

welcomes individuals and couples, who want NVC-based support, to meet with them at their new office in Belfast, ME
Please contact Peggy:
email: peggy at


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