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Volume Six, Issue Three:
Celebrating Marshall Rosenberg's Life

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Celebrating Marshall Rosenberg's Life

Just in case you missed last month’s newsletter, and the various media announcements, Marshall Rosenberg, the originator of NVC and the founder of CNVC, passed from this life on February 7th, 2015. He passed peacefully at home, with his wife Valentina and all his children by his side.

Almost immediately, The Center For Nonviolent Communication set up a call that would run for 16 hours, so that people around the globe could have connect, and express how Marshall’s life and work effected their lives, within a container of empathy. This call was kept going for more than a week, because so many people kept calling.

Trainers also shared responses they had received from students and others influenced by Marshall. These arrived in overwhelming abundance, from all around the globe. The following sample of countries is by no means fully inclusive:

Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Palestine, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania: the list goes on.

A few of these comments are shared here, in the sidebar.

In more recent days, this further announcement came from Dominic Barter at CNVC:

On the 29th of March a Celebration of Marshall Rosenberg’s life and teaching will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States.

Valentina, Marshall’s children and Rabbi Deborah Brin will be organizing the gathering, which will begin at 4pm, local time.

We imagine many people would like to be a part of this event and invite you to find ways to do so where you live, as a form of strengthening your community ties and commitment to living nonviolently.

If you have a project activity, a community gathering or a training on that day, maybe you would like to incorporate this event in your day in some way. If you are free, you might find this is a meaningful day to gather with community members and commemorate what we received from Marshall and its meaning in our lives.

This might also be an opportunity to invite donations to your work and projects locally. Donations to CNVC would also be warmly received, and can be made here. The ceremony in Albuquerque will be live streamed here, so that everyone who has access to the internet will be able to watch as it happens. I am touched once again by the desire of Marshall’s wife and family to seek ways to include the entire community in their mourning and commemorating a husband, father and friend. The 29th is an invitation for all those whose lives have been so enriched by his path and heart to gather in his memory and celebrate his spirit.


  • Community Boards in San Francisco, which is a city-wide volunteer mediation program, was apparently founded by a man who was very much influenced by Marshall, and their model has since spread to other cities. I didn't know this. – Miki Kashtan
  • Marshall had much influence on one of the leading scholars in the field of conflict-resolution named Prof. Dr. Friedrich Glasl. Fritz organized trainings with Marshall in Austria for mediators and included the model in his books. If I remember correctly he dubbed the name "nonviolent mediating." – Martin Rausch
  • We in Kenya reflect upon the impact Marshall has on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We are grateful for his life and the assistance he rendered to all. He has left us a grand duty of sharing the goodness in life (NVC) with all.
  • Dear all, with great sorrow I have learnt the loss of the great man, Marshall Rosenberg. I believe that he is not really dead but still alive among us by his writings and being, that he passed on to many. – A. from Congo
  • We have received the death of our great mentor Rosenberg with a lot sorrows and mourning. Kangemi Youth Centre Fraternity and I take this opportunity to join other NVC family in mourning of a great hero whose language and writings inspired many people in their lives in the whole world. – J.S., Nairobi, Kenya
  • We are tremendously saddened to hear of the passing of Marshall. We owe him so much for the great teaching he leaves behind. Tomorrow during morning prayer, we will tell the children about Marshall and we all together will observe two minutes silence in condolence. – P. from India, joined by B., M., V. and M.
  • I am sad to read about the passing away of Marshall while giving NVC workshop and in honour of him. I am grateful to learn NVC and though I have not met Marshall in person, he is an inspiration for me as I continue my life's journey towards peace and nonviolence. I mourn his loss and celebrate those who have been touched by his life and message he shared. – A. Mindanao, Philippines
  • We participants of NVC from SSCM felt deep sorrow about the death of Marshal Rosenberg. He was really a beloved teacher to all of us who have read his book and followed the courses that leads us to understand ourselves and connect it with others common feelings and understandings. Wrong judgement and evaluation usually leads human being to conflicts and ends in fightings. Dr. Marshall and his followers are the ones who tried to minimize hatred among peoples and bring love among one another. May his soul rest in peace B. D. from ETHIOPIA ADDIA ABABA


The following obituaries capture many of the most important qualities of Marshall and his legacy.

All of these heartfelt expressions help us connect to the universality of NVC’s message. They can inspire us to expand the capacity of our hearts to meet each situation with more love and compassion. The Maine NVC Network would love to hear from you – how has Marshall’s work touched your life? Please email us your responses and comments.

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